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Just starting out

2013-06-02 18:39:15 by pgcrooner

Well I just joined you guys here at newgrounds and I'm excited to be here. I'm trying get into voice over work and will continue to practice and post samples here. I would be more than happy to do some voice overs for some of the cartoons posted here, and hopefully further develop into a more talented voice artist....hopefully. =P

Can't wait to hear from some of you guys!!!


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2013-06-02 18:54:06

Welcome to Newgrounds :)

pgcrooner responds:

Thank you very much! =)


2013-06-02 19:00:42


pgcrooner responds:

Thanks! :D


2013-06-02 19:24:04

Welcome to the Neogeo.. i, i mean the Newgrounds, there are beautiful places to visit here, lots of singular people to meet, and lots of enjoyable things to do, but be careful tho, the Newgrounds can sometimes be a bit... strange, just be careful to not lose your mind while staying here... we don't want you to end up like the good ol' Tom Fulp, he thinks he is the king of Newgrounds, while we all know i am the TRUE KING OF THE NEWOGRANDS! I mean Newgrounds...
Enjoy your stay, and luck with your labour as a voice actor :)

pgcrooner responds:

Lol thank you very much. I like it here already :)